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Features and Development Introduction of Beautician Team
LaForme Aesthetic Medicine -Ms. Celine Wang General Manager who was the first lady to study Aesthetic Medicine in France and graduated from the College of France Forum Make Up in 1999.

She led the top beautician team to achieve the Taiwan's Aesthetic Medicine Miracle –starting the protection of beautiful skin mission for our consumers. We (LaForme) had over 100 Consultants of Aesthetic Medicine Team, they all passed and got our national cosmetic technician license. We will regularly arrange cosmetic courses and trainings when they are during their tenure, meanwhile , general manager personally guide the courses : The latest international trends in skin maintenance, Skin’s construction and principles, Skin care therapy…etc, she also teach the secrets of beauty, the wisdom of skin care -new concept of face conditioning, everything started from the bottom level of the skin, to take care of your meticulous face.

The Cultivatation of Cosmetic Experts
We (LaForme) will do internal assessment as our consultants accumulate the professional course of Aesthetic Medicine to reach a certain number of hours when they are during their tenure. If they pass the test of discipline, technical subjects , meanwhile, be promoted to store manager or director level, then enter management positions with outstanding performance. According to the talent promotion management approach of our company, our general Manager will submit application for them to be assistant manager. Our company adopt the proper principles-selecting and picking the right person for the right job, our employee will be able to create their career in the near future.