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The Global Ranking about the Number of Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Physicians

The Number of International Cosmetic Plastic Surgery –ISAPS

European Aesthetic Medicine Market and its growth

According to the Estimation of Frost & Sullivan 2007, France, Britain, Germany, Italy, etc., increasing demand for the Cosmetic Market day by day, making Cosmetic Market growing rapidly year by year, the European Aesthetic Medicine Market has reached 2 billion US Dollars, the estimated 20% growth rate per year will be continued to expand, in 2013 the market will rapidly grow to 5 billion US Dollars, meanwhile , will lead to the relevant equipment manufacturers and service providers of inputs.

The Revenue of Non-Invasive Type Aesthetic Medicine Market and Growth Rate

The Market Demand of European Aesthetic Medicine increases, attributable to a number of development-driven priorities, including disposable income increased, media marketing, The Social Public feel that the Aesthetic Medicine make themselves to become beautiful to make their acceptance up, more attention to their beauty.



The Advantages of Taiwan Aesthetic Medicine Services

The Adoption of the Global most advanced High-tech Medical Equipments
The Latest European and American Instruments Imported
Latest International Cosmetic Technology Adopted

With the Competitive International Prices
Taiwan Medical Costs only be about 1/5 of a number of European and American countries’ , about half of South Korea’s .

Connection With International Standards of High-Quality Services


Aesthetic Medicine Market

Fast-growing Market Scale。

The Aesthetic Medicine Industry has been ranked after the Aviation Industry and the Automotive Industry as the Global Third Largest Industry。

Data Source: Sunflower Health Network