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公司核心价值 (品牌精神)
About LaForme-- Business Philosophy
  • ■ Company Business Philosophy

    Providing the right ,professional knowledge of Aesthetic Medicine,

    service of economic with the clinically proven effective method ,

    achieving a safeand comfortable beautiful expectations for our consumers.

  • ■  Company Vision

    To become Asia's best professional services

    team of Aesthetic Medicine.

  • ■ Slogan of LaForme Aesthetic Medicine

    Beauty calls for a professional medical science.

Management Features of LaForme Aesthetic Medicine Our company-wide accumulated the operating frequency of the Aesthetic Medicine treatments more than 700,000 people, had extensive experience in clinical Aesthetic Medicine and be professional firm only over more than 16 years of experience about running hospital or clinic affiliated Aesthetic Medicine Center in Taiwan, second to none in the industry .

Our employees are almost graduated from the college or university of cosmetic-related departments and got our national cosmetic technician license, owned the experience of marketing public relations business, familiar with the hospital management and public relations marketing model.