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All courses include six categories (Basic, AHA , L-C, product-related, treatment arrangement and Customer’s Touching/Treating and Corporate Management ); The total number of hours in class: total 90 hours. Another practical (operating) lessons about 60 hours, total of about 150 hours. After graduation, students may join Yu Quan Co., Ltd. to become full-time employees or work at the other company. Please refer to the Theme of Training Course and Course Content as below. If you are interested in them, please contact 04-22520138.


The Theme of Training CourseCourse Content
The Course Training of Treatment Arrangement The Treatment Arrangement of Pimples and the Comparison of their Relevant Products
Comparison of spots treatment and comparison of the related products
Maintenance after Alpha Hydroxy Acids treatment
Anti-Wrinkle / skin resurfacing treatment and related products comparison
The Collocation for Ultrasound whitening and other treatment
The Treatment care and product recommendations After the laser treatment
Quiz of Treatment
Review and Discussion After Quiz
Hours Subtotal:20
The Course Training of Customer’s Touching/Treating and Corporate Management Touching /Treating Etiquette and Telephone Development Skills
The Management of Customer’s Complaints and Crisis
Visual impression
Corporate Culture and Development Vision of Yu Quan Co., Ltd.
Hours Subtotal:7
The Course Training of LaForme Relative Products Demand of the Oily skin (acne)
Demand of the Dry skin (spot)
Intrduction of Sun Block Care Products
The Course after Lactic Acid Practing
Demand of Dark Circles
Demand of Anti-Aging
Marketing Skill and Collocation of the Relative Products
Comprehensive analysis of products
Comparison of the Relative Products in market
Quiz of Product Course
Review and Discussion After Quiz
Hours Subtotal:19
The Course Training of L-Ascorbic Acid Pulse Type vitamin C Ionic Guiding Method
Ultrasound Whitening Therapy
Niche Analysis and Product Comparison in market
Practice Course of L-Ascorbic Acid
Quiz of L-Ascorbic Acid
Review and Discussion After Quiz
Hours Subtotal:11
The Course Training of Alpha Hydroxy Acids Conversion Function of Alpha Hydroxy Acids
The Species Introduction of Chemical Peel
The Concentration Introduction of NeoStrat and Glycolic acid
Course Description of Lactic Acid Chemical Peel
Practice Course of Lactic Acid
Practice Course of Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Matters needing attention after Chemical Peel
Quiz of Alpha Hydroxy Acids
Review and Discussion After Quiz
Hours Subtotal:20
The Basic Course Training Complete Course Description and Learning Goals
Skin Physiology
Causing Reason of Pimples
Causing Reason (I) of Spots
Causing Reason (II) of Spots
Basic Concepts (I) of Skin Care
Basic Concepts (II) of Skin Care
Review and Discussion After Quiz
Hours Subtotal:13